How to start your homeschool - the right way

Teacher training for homeschool parents


The Foundations of Homeschooling Masterclass is nearly six hours of lessons and bonus content designed to guide parents in building a realistic homeschool plan at their own pace. Built off of our successful LIVE Foundations Workshop webinars, this is designed for parents who need comprehensive answers fast

You will learn how to get started, how to keep a successful program going and what to do if you are ever stumbling. No matter what you do in life, you need training.

We teach you the skills so you don't have to wonder:

Will I mess up my kids

Will I lose my mind?

Where do I start?

Will they fall behind?

Can I really do this?

What do I do?

Which curriculum should I buy?

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Do you know what resources are in your homeschool toolbox and how to use them? Your home, your personal skills and talents, your budget, support network, and educational approach are just a few that we will cover in this two-part workshop dedicated to identifying and learning to use the resources available to homeschool families. What can you use now, and what would make it better?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Foundations of Homeschooling Masterclass!

    • Welcome to the Foundations of Homeschooling Masterclass!

    • Welcome and Resource Links!

    • Whole workbook

  • 2

    Know your Purpose

    • Watch: Know Your Purpose

    • Recommended Resources

    • Workbook: Know Your Purpose

    • Workbook: Video Notes

  • 3

    Know Yourself

    • Watch: Know Yourself

    • Recommended Resources

    • Workbook: Know Yourself

    • Workbook: Video Notes

  • 4

    Know Your Child

    • Watch: Know Your Child - Part 1

    • Watch: Know Your Child - Continued

    • Watch: Know your Child, Continued (Learning Styles)

    • Childhood Development: An Interview with Montessori Educator Maggie Radzik

    • Special Needs/Learning Disabilities, Interview with Dr. Tod Davis

    • Recommended Resources

    • Workbook: Know Your Child

    • Workbook: Video Notes

  • 5

    Know Your Resources, Part 1

  • 6

    Know your Resources, Part 2

    • Know Your Resources - Part 2

    • Recommended Resources

    • Workbook: Know Your Resources, Part1 - Educational Methods

    • Workbook: Video Notes

  • 7

    Synthesize and Chart Your Course

    • Watch: Synthesize and Chart Your Course

    • Recommended Resources

    • Workbook: Synthesize and Chart Your Course

    • Workbook: Video Notes

Masterclass Package

In addition to 6+ hours of course material, students receive:

  • Bonus Training from Guest Experts

    We interviewed experts in homeschooling children with learning disabilities, public resources, and early childhood development, among others - all included in this training.

  • A Course Workbook

    Use Sophia Homeschool’s custom workbook to record notes and create a homeschool plan that's just right for YOUR family.

  • My Must-Have, Go-To List of Resources

    Don't get lost in the sea of resources out there! We've compiled our list of resources that we use in our own home.

  • Discounts on all of our recorded webinar series

    We are constantly adding webinars to our learning library. You'll always get special membership discounts to past and future webinars.

  • Free access to our FOUNDATIONAL Prepared Series Webinars

    This is almost a prerequisite for everything you need to know about homeschooling. It will change the way you think about education, and it's yours for free.

Bonus material for early signups:

If you sign up by the end of Friday, August 14, you'll also receive:

  • A One-Hour Free Homeschool Consultation

    This consultation, (valued at $97), is a one-on-one personal consultation with Judith, in which she'll help you get clear on your goals and answer your questions.

  • The "Mom's Guide to Being Ready for Just About Anything"

    The "Mom's Guide" by homeschooling veteran Sylvia Dorham is just as advertised - it will help you get ready for anything life throws at you!

One-on-One Homeschool Consultations

Homeschooling is a highly personalized endeavor which means every family has questions and challenges unique to their families. Our support extends well beyond pre-recorded training. We strongly recommend purchasing a live consultation session(s). Judith will personally answer your questions and help you create a homeschool plan ideally suited to your needs.

Find more information about one-on-one homeschool consultations here!

To learn more about the Foundations of Homeschooling Masterclass, reach out to Judith directly at

Or, schedule a 20-minute consultation call here: Schedule a Call.

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Meet Judith

As a homeschool parent, Judith knows that we can’t give what we don’t have. She inspires mothers to become whole for the sake of their children and husband. She is a journalist, entrepreneur and regular contributor to children’s publications. She knows that inspiration comes through the art and craft of story-telling and that we all have our own story to craft, live and to tell.


She is a homeschool consultant who was homeschooled K through 12th grades and now homeschools her own children - giving her more than 35 years of experience and the advantage of seeing home education through both the child’s perspective and the parent’s. 

She is passionate about teaching women how to rise above depletion so they can give to their families from a life of wholeness. Always forming herself for the sake of the little souls she loves.

Judith is a student of childhood development through the Montessori Method and Catechism of the Good Shepherd. She and her husband founded Sophia Homeschool - an online classroom that offers teacher training to homeschool parents. She discovered that successful homeschooling parents are the ones who invest in their own personal development. That is why she joined the Woman School to serve mothers so they can serve their children from a place of wholeness.


Her family belongs to an ancient form of Christianity - Melkite Greek-Catholicism - which is the bedrock of their lives. They share their beautiful story through home ministries and education.

Judith strives to inspire, lead and teach others to intentionally craft their own beautiful life stories. 

What our students are saying about this training...


“As someone who is feeling scattered and a little overwhelmed at the prospect of homeschooling, I found your presentation to be logical, straightforward, and even soothing! “


“My (new) friend Judith Jolma of Sophia homeschool is AMAZING. I'm taking her six week (12 hour) training course and smack dab in the middle and LOVING it. I told [my husband] after the first day that it had ready been weelllll worth the money and commitment.”


“Three months ago, I did not believe it was possible for me to have discipline, order, and a working schedule in my home with my 4 boys. Thankfully, with God all things are possible! He has used Judith in a big way in my life to get me on the right path on the road to successfully homeschooling my sons.”