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Course curriculum

    1. Watch: Know Your Purpose

    2. Recommended Resources

    3. Workbook: Know Your Purpose

    4. Workbook: Video Notes

    1. Watch: Know Yourself

    2. Recommended Resources

    3. Workbook: Know Yourself

    4. Workbook: Video Notes

    1. Watch: Know Your Child - Part 1

    2. Watch: Know Your Child - Continued

    3. Watch: Know your Child, Continued (Learning Styles)

    4. Childhood Development: An Interview with Montessori Educator Maggie Radzik

    5. Special Needs/Learning Disabilities, Interview with Dr. Tod Davis

    6. Recommended Resources

    7. Workbook: Know Your Child

    8. Workbook: Video Notes

    1. Watch: Know Your Resources - Part 1

    2. Recommended Resources

    3. Workbook: Know Your Resources, Part 1

    4. Workbook: Video Notes

    1. Know Your Resources - Part 2: Introduction to Educational Methods

    2. Industrial Education

    3. Classical Education

    4. Montessori

    5. Waldorf

    6. Charlotte Mason

    7. Literature-Based Learning

    8. Unit Studies

    9. Un-Schooling

    10. Eclectic

    11. Recommended Resources

    12. Workbook: Know Your Resources, Part2 - Educational Methods

    13. Workbook: Video Notes

About this course

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  • 46 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content

Masterclass Package

In addition to 8+ hours of course material, students receive:

  • Custom Workbook

    Use Sophia Homeschool’s custom workbook to record notes and create a homeschool plan that's just right for YOUR family.

  • Bonus Training from Guest Experts

    We interviewed experts in the fields of learning disabilities, public resources, and early childhood development, among others - all included in this training.

  • My Must-Have, Go-To List of Resources

    Don't get lost in the sea of resources out there! We've compiled our list of resources that we use in our own home.

  • Free access to our FOUNDATIONAL Pillars of Education Webinar Series.

    This is almost a prerequisite for everything you need to know about homeschooling. It will change the way you think about education, and it's yours for free.

One-on-One Homeschool Consultations

Homeschooling is a highly personalized endeavor which means every family has questions and challenges unique to their families. Our support extends well beyond pre-recorded training. We strongly recommend purchasing a live consultation session(s). Judith will personally answer your questions and help you create a homeschool plan ideally suited to your needs.

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