Course curriculum

    1. The Prepared Series Webinars - Introduction

    1. Webinar #1: The Child (Maggie Radzik)

    2. The Child: Q&A

    3. Webinar #1: The Child (Q&A)

    1. Webinar #2: The Prepared Adult (Laura Accettullo)

    1. Webinar #3, The Prepared Adult (Part 2 )

    1. Webinar #4, The Prepared Environment (Judith Jolma)

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Laura Accettullo

Executive Director @ St. John's Montessori Children's Center

A Montessori child herself, she and her husband, Mark, incorporated Montessori principles in the home education of their nine children. Laura is additionally recognized as a CGS National Formation Leader.

January Donovan

Author, Speaker, Trainer @ The Woman School

Best selling author, speaker and national mindset trainer. January has coached women for 20 years on mastering the skills they need to expand their dreams and cultivate a life of meaning.

Maggie Radzik

Montessori Program Director

With more than twenty-five years of experience as a Montessori instructor, Maggie has a great passion for the Montessori approach to human development. She is currently the Montessori Program Director at the Jerome Academy


Judith Jolma


Judith is a Wife, Homeschooling Mother of 4 little people, Founder of Sophia Homeschool, Strategist at The Woman School, which means that I get to help women intentionally design and live beautiful lives for the good of their families. She was homeschooled k through 12th grades and now homeschools her own children Judith has more than 35 years of experience in the homeschool community -- an advantage that provides a first-hand perspective -- seeing homeschool through both the child’s perspective and the parent’s. She is passionate about teaching women how to rise above depletion so they can give to their families from a life of wholeness. Always forming herself for the sake of the little souls she loves.